Don’t blame me — I’m just along for the ride

I occasionally have memorable, elaborate dream adventures. Sometimes thrilling, often seemingly profound. This is not one of those.

Last night’s dream was simply wacky. As I was preparing to go onstage as the drummer for a hip-hop ensemble (???), the manager was insisting that I put on blue suede cowboy boots, so I would match the rest of the band. I complained, “Nobody ever sees my feet”, but the porkpie-hatted vocalist, as he brushed past, muttered, “Oh, they will…” They next thing I knew, I was walking out into the audience with my wireless mike, leading them back onstage for the big finale, a sing-along to “Let It Be”. I got to solo on the verses.

I don’t know what the heck that was all about. But I woke up humming…

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